M2HB Kit Pre-Order

This is by far the BEST, most detailed, full-size .50 Cal M2HB model kit you can buy!



This is a full-size, lifelike, model kit (non-firing) of the world-famous M2HB .50 Cal machine gun.

This kit comes un-assembled, but comes with everything you need to build this pictured M2HB replica (stand, mount, ammo can and dummy ammo belt not included) -
  • Over 60 precision-cut pieces from HEAVY DUTY 3/16" steel!
  • Full-length replica barrel (hollow - for those crazy airsoft guys :)  !
  • Removable barrel for easy transportation!
  • All steel construction!
  • All hardware / nuts / bolts / pins / rivets, etc. Included!
  • Secure ammo belt retaining features - These are reversible for either left or right-hand feed!
  • Flip-up rear sight!
  • Working charging handle action!
  • Flip-up top cover!
  • True-to-period Phenolic (Bakelite) grips and handles!
  • Mounting points that work with all M2HB cradles and mounts!
  • Comes in a military-style wood crate that doubles as a storage box for the model once assembled!

Turn this...

Into This...

Easy Assembly!

You will need access to an angle grinder and a welder.

The assembly of our M2HB kit requires you to be able to be able to spot weld things together, so if you have a basic welder in your garage / shop - you can build this!

The pieces of our kit fit together much like a 3D puzzle, and this design helps to square itself up and add some rigidity and shear strength to the overall shape of the model.

It is recommended that you use an M2 mount, or cradle, (such as the m23, mk64, or mk93) to jig up the side plates and the rear mounts, to ensure they will fit all mounts... but if you don't have one (or don't want to use yours as a jig), we also have a jig we can sell you that has the proper mounting holes - just ask us!

Full color assembly instructions help show you step-by-step on how to put this kit together!

A sheet of pieces freshly cut out:

How is it shipped?

Your M2HB kit will be shipped in a military-style shipping crate that has been designed so you can use it to transport and display your finished model.

NOTE: Shipping costs are NOT included in the price of the model kit, and will be calculated after you place your order, based on your shipping address.  If you need a shipping estimate, or an invoice showing the total price, please contact us BEFORE YOU ORDER.

Pieces all boxed up and ready to ship!


Yes!  We have physically tested our kit on an m23, mk64, mk93, and standard tripod pintle mounts.

Our M2HB kit is designed to fit all the standard mounts that a real M2 would fit on.  Of course, because this is a kit, you can also fabricate your own mount / custom set-up for anything you want!

A completed kit in a mk93 soft mount (not included):

A completed kit in an m23 mount with ammo can and dummy rounds (not included):

Keep in mind these are all pictures of our prototype model.  Our final model that will be shipped out will have additional details, and better fitment for the parts.

As you can tell in the pictures, we only tack-welded our prototype together.  If you are wanting more seamless transitions for pieces, you can solid weld the joints and grind them smooth - it's all up to you!



Some more detailed pics of a finished model:

And of course, your shipping crate doubles as a display / transport case for your completed model:


***DISCLAIMER***  This is a non-firing model kit.  Because we ship the kits out un-assembled, they are not an imitation firearm - they are a model kit.  HOWEVER - once you construct the kit, you are subject to any laws regarding the ownership / display / transportation / sale / shipment, etc. of an imitation firearm.
IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure you are in full compliance with any local / state / federal laws.


***NOTE*** The pre-order price for this kit is no longer available.  This is now an in-stock item, and can be purchased here.

Price: $850  Pre-Order Special $700!  Does NOT include shipping.  Shipping is calculated and charged when the kit is ready to ship out (typically between $65 - $125 for lower 48).  Please contact us BEFORE purchasing if you require a shipping estimate / invoice for total amount.  This pre-order special price is available only for a limited time, so don't delay!

International Shipping: We are able to ship internationally, however it is your responsibility to handle any import duty / customs / tax / etc.  It is also your responsibility to ensure there are no laws prohibiting the import of a model kit such as this.  Santan Fabworks LLC will not be held responsible for any shipment delayed, returned, confiscated, or otherwise withheld due to international shipping laws.  Once our model kits leave our facility, it is your responsibility.

Availability: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER, meaning they won't be ready to ship out immediately!  Kits will be built to order, in the order they are received.  Due to high order volume, your patience is greatly appreciated!  First orders are expected to ship out 4-5 weeks after order confirmation, later orders may take longer to ship out.  We understand this is a long time... and we will do everything in our power to get your order out ASAP.

Our checkout only allows you to purchase one kit at a time, so it's as fair as possible for everyone to get their order in... HOWEVER, if you want to order multiple kits, you may go back through the checkout as many times as you would like.

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