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We know we aren't the right fit for everyone... so when someone chooses to do business with us, we make sure they feel the love!

Our Philosophy

We don't take ourselves too seriously, except for one thing - the quality of our products. Our number one goal is to WOW you!


Either because they love us, or because we employ industry-leading CNC automation, our customers come back again and again!

Have an Idea?

Here's how we get projects rolling
  • 1. Concept

    You come to us with an idea for something you want made.

  • 2. Design

    Whether you have a design already, or we work together, we can then digitize it for our machines.

  • 3. Proof

    A single proof is manufactured and either approved or re-worked before we proceed.

  • 4. Produce

    Once a proof is approved, we are ready for full-scale production.

    A Little About Our CNC Plasma Cutting System


    Celsius Degrees For Plasma Cutting


    Different Metals We Can Cut


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    Accuracy Resolution per Inch

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    Meet The Team

    Family owned, and locally operated

    Our fearless leader and captain

    J.R. McLaws
    Owner / Fabricator

    Our workhorse and heavy-lifter of the shop


    Our resident expert on all things metal

    Aaron McLaws
    Designer / Fabricator

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    We are always wanting to hear from our customers! If you have a questions, comment, or want to get started on a projetc, let us know!